OMNU - Patterns deconstructed by CZT Rashim Bhargava

The Story of OMNU

I am happy to introduce OMNU, a new tangle that I have deconstructed.

It so happened that one day I was trying to teach my 2-year-old grandson the English alphabet when this pattern just popped up in my mind from somewhere. We were playing with the magnetic letters and sticking them on the refrigerator and suddenly this kind of a pattern came up.

Since the letters O. M. N. U. have been used to deconstruct and make it simple to draw, we (my grandson n me) have named it OMNU.

I love the way each U joins differently on the M s and N s, some dangle, while some form hearts and some rain drops and petals. To each his own. The O can vary from o to O, m to M, n to N, very much in the style a 2-year-old pronounces each letter. At times, the U can become V too or anything else!

Hope you all will also show some love to OMNU.

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